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11 years ago

Cards: Decrease Synchronise Cards time

I just upgraded from the old AccountRightStandardv19 to AccountRight live standard. On my old system I used to sync cards once a day to outlook for the new customers I added each day. For example it did 600 contacts in about 30 seconds. I tried doing it on the upgraded live version and it takes literally hours! Apparently this is normal. Can this be looked at in an update or if not speed up that time, at the very least allow you to select which cards to sync.


"Card sync to outlook ridiculously slow"


  • MAY 2016 still insanely SLOW!!!. This is an utter joke and shows how MYOB treats it customers.It's been an issue for 2 years and nothing has been done.


    I have 600 cards and it started at 4pm and has only done 197 so far. I'll be here till midnight, if I'm lucky.

  • YES - Here we go again - MYOB - another issue that has been UNDER CONSIDERATION for 3 years.


    Take a page out of APPLE. Who are able synchronise your contacts/messages/music etc etc. - all whilst your PC is doing many other things. No issue there at all. Why is it that the same cannot be achieved with MYOB and the simple - contacts list - which takes ages - on any configured machine.


    I have an overly specd PC - which does everything but synchronise MYOB contacts - in a flash. I need to set aside an evening - dedicated just for MYOB to synchronise.


    AGAIN - MYOB - Do not underestimate your loyal customer requests. - they are providing you with real-time feedback for opportunities to improve your product. If you do not listen - they will go elsewhere.

  • It seems MYOB are slower than Synchronising your cards to Outlook… they were looking to fix it in 2013.. it’s now 2018!

    It has taken 48 hours to synchronise 677 cards of 2364 and it locks you out of the system while it does it!!


    What is the issue and how can I get back to work?


    one hour later...

    after one hour (mostly on hold) with MYOB support i am told it is still the same 5 years later!!

    what a joke!!

  • bluePhil, I have been a user of MYOB for over 10 years. I have posted numerous improvements over the time, and have found MYOB to sit on their hands in terms of response and as well as being able to action and make improvements. Hence I have moved to XERO. I continue to receive notifications of my old posts and I cannot believe that they remain unsolved and in the dark ages. 

  • it seems its time for me to move too. my book kepers been trying to get me off MYOB for years..

  • Hi Guys,


    I have set a link to OneDrive active for 60 days...



    Yes, when they say they will fix something then five years later it isn't fixed, I'd have words with MYOB over it.


    It does work OK for smaller databases but once you hit hundreds of cards, it slows, eventually stops and fails.


    The PDF attached is the way to do it. It works fine.


    Remember too that all packages for accounting are a PITA to use especially when you are new to them so changing from MYOB can be a big deal also. It also pays to have the latest MYOB and Outlook for compatibility.


    I have found the method I use fiddly but effective and quick. I have used it a lot and gave up on the other method...mmm five years ago.