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12 years ago

Cards: Statement of Account which includes paid invoices

It would be good to be able to send a 'Statement of Account' to a customer including invoices they have paid in full for a selected period


I have customers who have difficulties keeping track of which invoices they have and have not paid and this would be really useful.


It would allow the customer to see missed invoices that remain unpaid and show them ones you have received payment for in a professional manner.


I understand you can customise to include partial payments make to outstanding invoices but Im talking about past invoices that have not had any payment made.


I have been through the reports menu to try and find a solution and accessed online help, you can get a report but it is only good for business use, I would not send it to a customer and it is very broken down and not on a professional template.


Any solutions would be most helpful.


 "Statement of Account which includes paid invoices"


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    I am nodding my head up and down! Yes, please!


    Been with you guys since day begining and love all the new changes. Thanking you!

  • That would be great!  


    I'm not sure why this has not been made an option on the Statements as it would make more sense for our customers!  They like to see their payments made, at least for the previous monthly period.


    It's on other accounting software........

  • Status changed:

    Hi temperateac 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and statements.

    I would encourage other users that you would like to see a statement showing the closed invoices (not just the open ones) to vote and comment for this idea.

    Currently a workaround would be to issue out an Activity statement this will show the invoices and payments made to invoices over that period.

  • Hi TeeWu

    Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. 

    Payments for customers can be seen on activity statements. To generate an activity statement go to Sales>>Print/Email Statements>>Change the Statement type to be Activity>>Enter the required date range>>Tick the relevant customer and Print or Email. This will show you the charges and payments on the customers card over a period.

    You can also do it with an invoice statement if you go into the Advance Filters window on the Review Statements Before Delivery window and select Show Itemised Payment Detail for Each Invoice. This will only work for partially paid invoices. This idea on the Idea Exchange is to include those closed invoices on the Invoice statement, so you can see the payments on closed invoices.

  • Thanks Steven,


    I agree that Activity Statements can be helpful, but having a more comprehensive Statement including detailed payments would be great and less time consuming.  


    With regard to choosing the option of Show Itemised Payment Detail, I cannot find that option in AccountEdge Pro for Mac.   Would that be the Include Payment check box?  If so, we're still left with the problem of full payments previously made not being shown, only part payments.


    I hope more people choose to vote for this option.......   I really enjoy using MYOB and will continue to do so as long as these improvements are being made.


    Thanks again.