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4 years ago

Contact Log: Apply same sort method to card's contact log tab

When Contact Log is accessed from customer Card information



Same day Multiple entries are displayed in incorrecrt sequence = last entry of that day ( " now Open M_F, 10-2 ") is displayed as first entry



When the same customers Contact Log is entered from  CARD LIST - Contact Log

the same day multiple entries appear in correct sequence = it is possible to follow conversation/actions/steps in a logical way


This is a BIG disadvantage and such a nonsence needs to be fixed please.


Just a feedback after using AR 2020 for 4 weeks ....  AR 2020 is very user unfriendly program , compared to great AR 19.16 Enterprise  .



Richard Zallmann




"Contact Log sequence of same day entries not displayed in correct sequence in AR 2020"

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