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7 years ago

Display: Disable minimum window width

It appears a minimum widow width has been brought in at some stage.  For those who have MYOB open in half the screen and another program open in the other half, this disrupts the workflow, even on a large monitor.


"Window width"


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    Current version of MYOB does not have efficient design/screen layout. If one is using it on a laptop there is constant scrolling and flipping between screen views. Some people may like MYOB the way it is, however you could make it skinable so that so that people can choose the version of myob look v17 for example or other. Nothing really changes other than button and layout spacing. In my opinion there is no need to put so much useless space around each item (button/border/list). Need efficiency for speed of entry/processing.
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    COMPLAINT & Suggestion to improve Account Right for desktop to improve the overall user experience

    Enable window width adjustment instead of just the height adjustment.


    The latest update yesterday (2022-10 monthly update) has made the sales order/invoice window wider, it is now too wide and I can't adjust it. It would be good if you could make the windows adjustable for width (as they used to be before it went online) as well as height.


    I use half my screen for MYOB and the other half to show information I'm entering into MYOB, not being able to adjust the width of the windows makes it difficult to see all that I need to. In particular in the example 1 attached I can't see the slide on the right side. Which means I either have to move the window to get to the slide or make it full screen then put it back when I've made the adjustment I need.


    Not a good use of time if having to do it every few minutes, whereas if I could just make it less wide I wouldn't need to do either of the actions mentioned above. The 'Find Transactions' window is also a good example of being far too wide, I always have to move it to see the data I'm searching for then move it again to close the window when I'm finished, this is extremely annoying. A problem which could be easily resolved if I could make the width of the window narrower.


    Attached image 'MYOB pre-update' is how the sales window looked in the previous version of MYOB, everything fit quite nicely in half the screen, this width setting should be restored or the windows should be made width adjustable. You can see a marked difference if you compare the screenshots below in the original email.