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7 years ago

Display: Scale windows to minimum window size

As a multitasker, I often have MYOB docked to Windows half-screen size, sharing desktop space with other open apps - sometimes to copy data into a MYOB form. However many of the MYOB sub-windows minimum size do not quite fit into a half-screen. (neither does this forum page!)


The Windows dock to half screen feature is very quick and often used so it would be very convenient if MYOB would be compatible with this. Note that version 19 does this perfectly but no Huxley versions do.


"minimum window size"


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    Hi,  with the introduction of wide profile computer screens some 15 years ago, it would be great if i could get MYOB screen, especially the Budget Entry screen, to fit the width of the monitor so i don't have to manually scroll across from Jul - Jun and then i can see the whole year in one screen.  Currently i can only see 10 months in one screen.        There is room. I have noticed other screens will fill out to the right hand margin, but not the budget.  Thanks


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      I completly agree, I was wondering if it was my settings. 

      Seems odd it would not fit the screen size.