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12 years ago

Email: Set email address used for sending

It would make life easier if I could send my emails using my other email addresses  for example quotes from sales@... and my invoicing from my accounts@... from myob. Having the options as we do with clients email address. 


"Ability to select email address you are sending from inside of MYOB"


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    I would really like to see mulitple email options.

    When running more than one comapny from the same system it becomes very confusing when the invoices, statements, bill and payslips are all emailed from only one email address.


    I would love to see it so that you can set up your out going email address specific to the company file you are working on.




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      This (among other issues) would be solved it MYOB did it's own emailing instead of using the default mail client. The company file could hold the "From" address, the servers to send through, etc.

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the feedback, sounds like an interesting idea. Does anyone else have a need to do this? Please vote and add your ideas to the thread,
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    This is a great idea as I don't have Outlook on my laptop where I have my MYOB file installed and am unable to use the internal email function to send invoices to clients because I can't allocate a hotmail email address instead (as far as I know!)


    It would  make my life 400000000 times easier.

  • Not being able to set default email addresses seem to be an obvious flaw in the customization options. Please implement the change fast!

  • Hi ntoumba


    Thank you for feedback in regards to AccountRight

    I've merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange.

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    Definately need this.  I have a client who has three different "divisions" all sending out invoices.  Currently the customers are all reply to the one person who has to work out who it is for and then forward their queries to correct person (that person is me!!).  It would also be useful for each user to be able to customise their email defaults - but this is the bigger priority.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2016.1, we introduced the ability to email directly from AccountRight company files located in the cloud. Within this option, you can set a default reply to address email address via Setup>>Preference>Emailing.

    Note: Emails will come from, however, if a recipient does reply to that it will be sent through to the reply to email address listed in the file at the time of sending.