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7 years ago

Export to Excel: Remove leading characters

When you export from AccountRight Plus 2016.3, to an Excel file (.xlsx) the GL account values appear with an extra character on the end.  It's ANSI 13.  This is really annoying for any formulas or macros that use the GL account values.

This problem doesn't occur when exporting to .csv files.

Do you think you could "clean" this up.  I put clean in quotes as Excel's Clean() function fixes the problem.


"Get rid of the non-printing character (ANSI 13) from GL accounts when exporting to Excel"


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2017.2 the account number and name indentation on reports sent to Excel have been removed.


    You can find out more information about this and other changes, including information on obtaining AccountRight 2017.2 from AccountRight 2017.2 now available

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    Does this also apply to AccountRight 2018.2 too, or just 2017.2?

  • Hi oxfam


    The change was introduced with the AccountRight 2017.2 range and has carried across to the AccountRight 2018.2 product.