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12 years ago

Find Transactions: Date entry auto fill option based off From date

When looking for a transaction and needing to fine tune the search to one particular date, why not include a button with a simple arrow that points to the right. This would be placed immediately between the date from and date to selection boxes.


If you are searching for transactions from 1/2/12 to 1/2/12 why not present the user with this option


"From"   1/2/12     >     "To"    1/2/12.


By clicking the little arrow button, ">" the same date can then be filled automatically in the right hand box.


I'm sure this simple facility could be used in any date selection box that uses the exact same date..


Thanks for your consideration.


Greg Cummins


 "Speeding Up The Date Selection Process When Searching For Transactions"


  • This would be fine if you are a mouse-driven data-entry person (hence the word "click"?). Some of us do our best to never leave the keyboard, and generally not look at the computer screen for quicker data entry. So long as it's not another item/field we have to tab through to where we need to go I can see where you would appreciate this feature :smileyhappy:  When opening up say Transaction Journal (Alt J) you generally automatically get the 1st of the current month to today's date - so to look for say the 5th of the current month it's a matter of only typing in a 5 (tab) 5 (enter) and it's done (AR2012.9). You don't need to key in the complete date unless you need to change the month/year.

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    You're quite right Julie, however, as I am often looking for older entries from previous months, you need to fill in the date details completely as MYOB only fills in the date automatically for the current month.