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13 years ago

Forms: (Item) Invoices - Discounted unit price column



I thought I would just write a post as I've searched all over to solve this problem and I assume that it can't be altered but thought I'd try the forum as a last try.


Basically we run AccountRight Premier V19.6. When printing an item invoice it has the unit price (lets say $10) and then the discount colum (let's say 20%) and then the total which is the extended price (so the total number of units x the unit price less the discount).


My question is is there any way to add a column on the printed invoice that has the unit price adjusted for the discount so if someone was buying 10 items at $10 with a 20% discount it would show the item price $10 less discount 20% is unit price $8 and then extended price $80, so that customers can see what the discounted unit price is.



'Invoicing - showing discounts off unit price"