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10 years ago

Forms: Pay slip - Show hourly rate at processing time for previous pay slips

When a staff person receives a pay rise, the pay advice report for previous pays during the year shows the new rate rather than the correct actual rate  at the date. This means that if you need to print a pay advice for a particular date, it may be incorrect. can this be fixed


"Pay Advice change of wage rate"

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    Hi there vivb,


    Thank you for your suggestion. We do agree that having the payroll advice apply a changed pay rate across all pay cheques shown on the report may lead to potential confusion and misunderstandings.


    I'm sure a lot of clients would agree that it would be excellent to see this changed in future releases of the software. Anyone else who would like to see this implemented, please vote for the idea by selecting the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading.