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12 years ago

Forms: Receipt - Add Balance Owning column


Would it be possible to have the option of adding a Balance Owing column  to the receipts form - most of our clients make part payments and at the moment I am writing their balance owing on the receipt for them. - Leigh - NIC


"Add Balance Owing column to Receipts forms"


  • Would like to have the ability to provide a running balance when printing Customer receipts. When a deposit is made, the balance should be shown on the receipt. As per a Payment Summary, if there is more than one payment made to an invoice it should be shown.

  • I am hoping that you can add a balance field on the receipts, I have lots of customers paying off accounts and at the moment have to manually write their balance on their receipts, this seems a bit unproffessional. I am sure this would be a simple fix and am wondering why all fields are not available to all customzable documents.

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      Woops heading should read "Balance" if admin could change it would be great.

  • When producing a receipt it we would like an additional column to be added to show the balance if any of the invoices once payment has been applied.  This is a simple way to draw a customers attention to an underpaid invoice.  We would also like the date to show in DD/MM/YYYY format - not MM/DD/YYYY as it is currently - and showing the invoices the payment has been applied to in some sort of logical order - either date order or invoice order - currently it doesn't seem to show in any logical order.

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for the input. Please vote for this idea if you are intersted in this feature.
  • I have been waiting for this to be added for some years now. It would also be good to start the receipt with a CARRIED FORWARD balance then detail the payment now made and then finish with a BALANCE DUE All basic account information that should be provided on a receipt.

  • Hi Blaxland, thank you for your feedback. It sounds like you're talking about the Invoice Statement option that is currently available in AccountRight, which shows this information. The Receipt shows details related to just the invoice being paid and not the overall customer balances.

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    Matthew - MYOB Client Support.

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    Have just been looking at that - would be a wonderful option!


  • This is a very important feature for our business and would definitely be used. 

  • RECEIPTS TEMPLATE - Is it possible to add more fields to this template  please.


    BALANCE - especially because the original amount less the allocated amount for us is not always the balance when we have a contract with a Deposit and 2-3 Stage Payments.


    CUSTOMER P/O - This would be great as when we open a file, we don't open the file via Invoice # we open it with a property address and this is what we currently add to the Customer P/O Box - which we need for other weekly reports that are also limited to field options for viewing.