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2 years ago

Backups and receipts

Hi, A quick query about backups. Do all receipts attached to payments get backed up also, as I am restoring to a past file to check something then restoring back to my current file. Thanks in advance, Terence

  • Hi Chunts123 


    This is correct. Backing up the online file is identical to backing up a local file. And every MYOB file is just a file like any other computer file, whether it is stored locally or online. You can copy it, back it up, delete it etc.


    So if you backup the online file and restore that locally, you can open it, generate reports etc. I recommend when restoring the file you give it a different file name to avoid any mix up, such as restored_company_file.myox.


    Any changes you make to the restored file will not affect the current online file, and you can delete it when you are done.


    The only time the online file would be affected is if you made changes to the restored file, created a new backup of this modified file (backup 2) and then restored backup 2 online - this would replace your current online file with backup 2. This is the process users follow when they take their file offline in order to update it, for example get it repaired, purged or to do a large import.


    Hope this clarifies,




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  • Hi Chunts123 


    Are you referring to In Tray documents you have attached to transactions? If yes, then no, they are not part of the backup. Linked documents are stored elsewhere on MYOB's servers and your file has a link to that document. So you can only ever access these linked documents while this company file is online. 


    So if you backup and restore locally the linked documents will not be accessible. Same thing happens if you start a new file online, you will never be able to access the linked documents unless you keep the original file online with its own subscription. This is something that will come as a surprise to many users.




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      Hi Gavin,


      Thanks for the previous post.


      Our file is online but I backup & store these locally. I never knew about the online backups. So if want to restore to a local backup from a couple of years ago, then restore back to my current file, which is online, with all the attached tray docs, I would first need to backup the current file on your server?

      If this is correct how do I perform an online backup?


      Thanks Gavin

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        Hi Chunts123 


        You may have misunderstood, if your file is online (stored on MYOB's server), and you make a backup, this is a backup of your online file - it will not contain the linked documents, only a link to them. The documents are stored only on MYOB's servers (I don't work for MYOB).


        See this help article about backups.


        The only way to access the online documents is to access them (one by one) while the file is online. (Update) Or you could contact Mike_James  from Datawise who can retrieve InTray docs in bulk.