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12 years ago

Forms: Remittance Advice - List credits line by line

I am new to MYOB, but very unhappy with how the software deals with credit notes on remittance advices.

When we pay Suppliers ( 100+ per month) we always have a mix of invoices to pay and credits to take. 

Whilst the system will take up the credits the Supplier is not getting the breakdown on the remit advice.

The remit advice needs to show invoices line by line and ALSO credits line by line. That way the Supplier knows exactly what the total amount represents. I have discussed this issue with 2 Live Chat consultants and both have no solutions, one even suggests to "hand write" the information. The remit is supposed to be emailed so that option is not professional enough for such a well known system. My previous software package of 20 years handled this simple accounting task perfectly. Keen for feedback and also a software enhancement quickly.

Given credit and invoices are entered the same way except with a negative value I am surprised this issue has not been resolved by other retailers paying suppliers years ago!


"Supplier Remittance Advice needs to list credits line by line!'