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12 years ago

Import/Export: Include Subtotals, Headers and Blank lines in the export of Sales/Purchases

Dear MYOB,


Can the header, subtotal and blank lines in a sale be included in exported / imported data?


This is key information which is being omitted off data being exported / imported from one data file to another.


My client is a electrical tradesman who uses the item type sale to list materials and labour sold and needs a section to type in notes for location and work performed that can be viewed on the screen in its interity (not hiden by expandable field).

This information needs to be stable data and have the ability to be imported / exported.


Kind regards,  Vanessa Romano 


" Import/export sales - complete including header, subtotal & blank lines"


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    I totally agree with and support this request 100% - for importing both Sales Invoices and Purchase Bills.


    Thank you.

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the feedback Romano, we're always looking for ways to improve data access for our clients. Any other users who would also like to see this added in please vote and comment to show your support.
  • I totally agree with this request and support this request 100%.


    For importing both Sales Invoices and Purchase Bills, Please consider to support export/import for subheader and subtotal.


  • Myob 19 didn't print $0.00 on the invoice form for transaction lines that had descriptions but no value.  

    AccountRight 2016 does.  

    Is is possible to either (as suggested above) be able to import different style of lines (Transaction/Header/Blank) or at lease not print the $0.00?

  • Hi, we also need this! We upgraded to v2017.2 yesterday. We are a logistics company and import invoices as a batch file from our tracking system. Our client needs data from our tracking system on their invoice, such as their purchase order number, product code, number of cases. This can be upto 12 lines on our invoice. In the old version this info came across as descriptive text or at least no $value in the amount column. Now these lines comes across as financial data with each line showing $0.00 beside it. In MYOB itself, each line now has an account code, amount and gst code. 

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    Hi Teamsports
    Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum. We appreciate your effort in adding your vote and commenting on this feature. As of this moment, we do not have any specific timeframe for this. We understand that this is essential to your business, and we will make sure to communicate your suggestions and feedback to the team for consideration.
    Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.