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11 years ago

Import/Export: Increase number of lines that can be imported

It appears you can only import invoices with about 5 - 7 lines, any more than this and the invoice doesn't import.  On previous versions I had no problems importing invoices with 30 or so lines.  As I do this at every month end the suggestion from the report team that I manually key the invoices, or break it into several invoices just won't work.  Can you please upgrade the number of lines that can be included in a single invoice.


"importing invoice data from a csv file"


  • Getting error 15 Account number not found in list of postable accounts when trying to import large journal from external software into MYOB. Issue is that the number of transactions in the journal are too many. I have around 600 transactions in the journal each week from external payroll software.

    The import works when I chop this journal into transactions of around 50 (so split my 1 journal of 600 transactions into 12 seperate parts). MYOB's 'Third Party Integration Team' have advised that the issue is in fact that there are too many transactions in the one journal and only solution is to chop it into smaller chunks. But they advised to post an idea for future development to allow larger journals to be imported.

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    Thank you for the post. It would certainly help to be able to Import Invoices with more lines. We encourage others who would like to import Invoices with more than 10 lines to Vote and add any relevant comments.
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    I have  bought this issue up with the team several weeks ago. As yet I haven't heard if they have any ideas on how to fix this.

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    This would seem pretty basic and vital - I have several clients who import purchases from suppliers which may have many more lines thank 5 or 6. Please advise the work around - if there is one!

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    I agree with all the comments and limit in the new version of accountright should the same as in the old version

  • importing purchases with multiple lines (over 50) does not work either, the system just times out.  Why even have this feature, if it doesn't work properly.

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    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2017.1 allows for the importing of invoice data that contain multiple transactional lines (10+). For example, I have imported an item invoice with 30 transactional lines successfully into AccountRight 2017.1