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4 months ago

Improvements Suggestions

Some improvements we have come across as a business that would make MYOB Team app more user friendly


Start stop timesheets - there is no edit function we have drivers that start at 2.30 in the morning,  if they remember at their first break of the day that they didn''t log onto their timesheet for the day the only way of letting us know is to put it in the comments on the timesheet. This function should have a edit button so that if they forget they can wind back to the correct start date.


When the timesheets have been approved in MYOB team by the approving manager there is no way of editing or deleting this timesheet if it is in fact incorrect. There should be a reverse button to flick this back to a draft to be editable.


Why do approved and unapproved hours show in two different screens in the app for the one week. This has confused alot of our staff as the approvers dont generally approve every day so it shows in two screens which becomes confusing.


Approved leave if a person is wanting to take annual leave on a Friday and a Monday there is no option to untick Saturday & Sunday so then the leave goes into MYOB for the full duration which is incorrect in most cases.


Sometimes timesheets that employees submit dont appear at either their end or the approving managers end is this just when MYOB glitches? This has happened more then a couple times in the few weeks that we have been using MYOB Team.

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    Hi SouthernHaulage,

    Welcome to the Community Forum!

    Thank you for sharing your suggestion. I've transferred this post to our product ideas page so our developers are aware and may consider including it in our future updates. If you have more suggestions in the future, feel free to post them here at this link: Product Ideas Page.