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5 years ago

In Tray: Add MYOB subscription invoices directly

The In Tray function is great! Wondering if it would it be possible to have our MYOB subscription invoices sent there directly or to at least have the option for that to happen? I can get other suppliers linked up but not MYOB!

Just a thought... Cheers


"In Tray"


  • Posted on behalf of BorisYeltsin .  It would a great if you could access your monthly invoices issued from MYOB inside of the AccountRight software rather than manually signing into  As you are required to enter your my.myob login to sign into a cloud file, there shouldn't be any issues with security. 


    "Viewing invoices from my.myob within the AccountRight software"

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      Good Morning I am enjoying my suppliers email invoices going straight to my in tray the email attachment to forward emails directly to my in tray is also extremely handy.


      This speeds up my data input quite a bit.


      Now I would like to suggest that MYOB send their invioce emails directly to my in tray as well as my email program

      I currently forward your email across - kind of strange since it is your software after all :) :)


      I would love for this to be the case as I'm sure you have quite a few customers by now.


      Kind Regards

      Stuart Hart

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      Hi, why is it that the MYOB monthly invoices are not automaticaly sent to our Intray? isnt this what MYOB is offering for our other suppliers to do? surely you guys can manange this?




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      Hi Barry


      Don't you get your monthly invoice e-mailed to you?


      I get my monthly invoice e-mailed to me which corresponds with my monthly Direct Debit.


      Or am I missing the point?

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    just came to suggest this myself and realised i already came here to suggest this years ago and liked your post then... so yes please so annoying having to resend the email back to myself every month.


    Bump, please get this done already!