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6 years ago

In Tray: Notification of new of document

Just thinking it would be great if they system could visually show that there is a new document in the intray (say from a linked supplier).  Something like the green cloud could turn purple if there's a new document in there.



  • Is there any way that we can be Notified when new items are received in In Tray.



    "Get Notification when new items are received in In Tray"


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      Using MYOB Captur and Create a spend money transaction from an In Tray document Is a useful feature but it would be great if you could flag the intray with a message Eg 3 documents awaiting processing 

      The Captur app is being used by employees for petrol dockets etc but the AccountRight user is unaware of the information sitting in the inbox

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    100% agree!! We have just started using Intray to reduce priting and hard copy filing. We have multiple users accessing diferent levels in MYOB across 16 data bases - a colour code to indicate there is a document for action, or a number of documents flag to indicate there are documents waiting for action would be most useful.

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    Hi Nuway
    Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum. Thank you for your time showing your support for this function with further votes and comments and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you due to the absence of this feature. We thank you for your  
    patience and continued support. We will make sure to communicate your feedback and suggestions to the team. 
    Please return to the Community Forum if you have any further inquiries. Our team is always here to help.