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10 years ago

In Tray: Read of reference number, processing date

Within Accountright, the OCR area only recognises exact words such as 'invoice' 'date' and exact ABN trading name. It would be great if you could widen the OCR perameters to also include 'reference number' and 'total' and 'processed date' etc. This is why a lot of the OCR does not work.


It would be great to create an order or quote as well as a bill from the in tray to link.


I also use a lot of copy and paste straight from my invoices but the in tray documents do not allow the copy option. This would be usefull when filling in information for the description.


Thank you and well done MYOB on your upgrade, keep them coming



"In Tray Increased recognition parameters."


  • Hi stella_cbs 


    I received my monthly bill from MYOB on Monday so I dropped it in the InTray.


    Guess what, the OCR was unable to recognise any field in their invoice.


    It didn't even recognise that the invoice was from MYOB.





  • Status changed:

    Hi stella_cbs 

    Thank you for your feedback in regards to the ongoing development of the In Tray

    The In Tray that is released in AccountRight 2015.1 is the initial public release of the feature. A lot more updates and background changes are planned for the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process that will make recognising the correct information more accurate.

  • HI AlanT

    Thank you for your feedback 

    I've done a recent post on Re: In Tray I think you are in the similar situation as Sue in regards to your MYOB invoices. 

  • For your update and planning purposes, perhaps recognition invoices from excell or Word documents too. ATM, I can not send to intray.


  • Hi stella_cbs

    Thank you for your additional feedback and idea into the In Tray. I have shared it with the team. As mentioned I would encourage users that would like to see this idea to vote and comment if required