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5 years ago

In Tray: Thumbnail Size

I think it would be helpful to be able to choose the size, or even just enlarge by default, the thumbnails of the invoices in the In Tray. They are currently way too small to discern enough detail to identify a particular invoice if you need to find one without opening each one in turn. This is time consuming and could be overcome if the thumbnails were larger.


  • I love the in tray function but am wondering if there is a way to enlarge the invoice previews?

    When entering many invoices at once it takes such a long time to find the correct invoice and if there was a way to set the preview size (sml, med, lrg) that would be a massive help.

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      MYOB Product Team

      Hi NomadAdmin 


      I'd like to make sure that I'm understanding the post correctly; are you looking to make the thumbnail preview larger for a quick glance to identify the supplier/invoice type?


      Or are you looking for a way to view the actual Document?

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        Hi Haydes,


        I am looking for a way to make the thumbnail preview larger.
        I know you can individually enlarge each document in order to see it all, but with the amount of invoices I am entering at once it would streamline the process by a great deal if I could at a glance choose the correct invoice every time.

        Is this something currently possible? I would love to learn how to do it, if so.

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      need to increase size of viewing windows on accountedge basic v6.

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      Please reverse enlarged invoices as it is difficult to enter all the details from the invoice without side by side view, extremely frustrating. This came into effect on 13/3/2020's update. I am entering a huge quantity of invoices and the invoice/s keep minimising everytime I type in the bill info. I have noticed that with a previous version update the bill is/has become annoyingly frustating to try and delete a purchase, you seemed to have tweeked it in some way. Stop changing things. I enter an average of 50 invoices a day so you can imagine a small irrelevant alteration to an existing software makes a huge impact on a high end user. PLEASE!!!

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    The tray is great but I agree with the above users.  Even having the ability to increase the screen size by using Ctrl-+ like Windows Screens to enlarge the screen and allow us to see the thumbnails bigger.  Not ideal but better than the current situation of having to open the PDF viewer every time you need to see the invoice.

  • Along with no option to select alternative font size, this is something I can not understand :D
    Cmon MYOB we pay for a premium product but get far less than premium usability!

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Within the AccountRight Browser interface, we have added additional information on the In Tray window such as the date uploaded, supplier invoice number, date, and amount (if read by the system). These will give you a quick reference to the document to help identify it for creation.


    If you are needing a better view of the document, clicking the document's image will produce an expanded overlay of the document.