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12 years ago

Integration: ODBC Driver for AccountRight

I've installed AccountRight 2012, but there is no ODBC software that accompanies the installation.  I use ODBC heavily to extract data into Excel, Access etc for additonal mining and reporting.  Hence, I will not upgrade until this functionality is available.  My apologies if this has been answered previously.


"ODBC Driver for AccountRight 2012"




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    A working ODBC driver does not exist for AR 2011/2012. Given the raft of reported bugs ( > 40) the last time I looked, and the apparent lack of prioritisation in addressing the issues, I would think we're at least 6 months away from a reliable version for the 2011/2012 product.


    Sidenote: the AR 19.7 "compliance" update has also made some changes to the ODBC driver, so you may notice some issues in this area as well. MYOB have not acknowledged what they have changed, but some add-on developers have experienced issues. I think they relate to the write back functionality though, not data read.


    Tread carefully, and only update/upgrade where necessary.

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      Re changes to ODBC 19.7 affecting write-back messages: now acknowledged here

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        Acknowledgement seems to be to Developer partners only. What about everyone else? I stopped being a developer partner over 12 months ago.

  • Hi Raff,


    It is true that at this stage there are no ODBC options for our 2012 and 2011 products, we are planning on introducing these features but there is still no time frame for when this will happen. Once there is a time frame in place it will be released to our Developers and then to our clients after that.


    You are certainly able to continue to use version 19 so you do not lose your ODBC options until we add this functionality to our new range, we will be supporting version 10 through at least this Financial Year with the latest update 19.7.

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      I guess version 19 will need to be supported until the new AccountRights have working ODBC. Otherwise there would be lots of clients stuck between a rock and a hard place between getting compliance updates from MYOB and wanting the keep using their 3rd party software.

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for your suggestion, Raff. We understand the ODBC situation presents a challenge for some businesses. This is something we’re working on and we’ll update this post once the roadmap is ready to share.
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    This is what MYOB has recently stated about ODBC


    "The Developer Partner Team would like to advise that MYOB has decided to develop an API for AccountRight 2012 and AccountRight Live. This means that work to resolve issues with the ODBC for AccountRight 2011/12 and AccountRight Live will cease and the resources dedicated to the API. The ODBC for AccountRight 2011 will not be supported by MYOB and therefore we advise Developers not to use it. The ODBC for AccountRight V19 and earlier will continue to be supported well into the future.


    You will shortly receive another email from MYOB inviting you to a series of webinars, including one covering the API. The API webinar will explain why we are moving down the API path as well as a high level overview of the API including delivery timelines, noting this is the same API presentation from the recent state Developer Sessions.


    Developers will also soon receive a survey via email that will cover a broad range of topics, including what they view as their priority areas for the API. This feedback will help us finalise the development plan for the API, so be sure to have your say.


    The Developer Partner Team will be going to significant lengths to ensure that Developers receive the necessary support as we transition to the API so please keep an eye out for future communications and ensure you update your contact details with us should they change.


    We appreciate this represents a change in direction, but one that we believe better positions all of us for the future."


    So pretty much early next year we will hopefully have an API to access the new MYOB products.

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    Any chance for an update on when the API will be available to replace the ODBC driver for Accountright 2012?

  • Hi Raff,


    Like you our legacy Excel and Access solutions would no longer work after upgrading to MYOB AccountRight Live as query tables could not connect to the API in the cloud. To continue using them we had to get the data into a database which they consume using an ODBC or similar connection. So we developed code in Excel to connect to the web based API and download the data into a Local Access Database. As the end points in the MYOB AccountRight Live  API  http://developer.myob.com/api/accountright/v2/ are different to the v19 ODBC driver we created conversion tables to shape the data into the old v19 format. To handle multiple data files we created the ability to support multiple connections which can support both v19 and v2017 simultaneously. We packaged this solution into an addon called ODBClink http://accountingaddons.com.au/odbclink/ which you can download and trial. There is also an unsupported Free edition available with restricted functionality


    Jeff Stephenson

    Accounting Addons