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12 years ago

Inventory: Copy Item Number to Supplier's Item number

When creating a new Item in MYOB Premier I find that I use the same Item number for the Suppliers Item Number. some item numbers from suppliers vary in length from 2 characters to over 15 characters. To avoid misspelled item numbers it would be nice if we could have a copy item number function. This not only avoids misspelled Suppliers Item Numbers it also speeds up the process.






"Suppliers Item Number"


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    I agree a great suggestion .. maybe an easy way would be a box you can tick, that you want your item number and suppliers item number to match?!





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    Was in the process of raising an order to a supplier when I noticed one of the items was not yet in inventory.


    Created in inventory but forgot to copy the part number across to the "Supply item number" in the "Buying Details" tab.


    Back into the order and entered in the new part number and processed via "Send email".


    Was about to ring the supplier to ask when the third item would be shipped when I noticed that the part number was missing from the "Item" column.


    I know it is my fault, but it would be a nice idea if the following could happen.

    1. When creating an inventory item have in the "Profile" tab a tick box next to "Item Number" saying something like "Copy to supplier item number".

    2. When creating a purchase order have the "Item  number" (shown on screen) be the "Supplier item number" as this is what will be printed. Otherwise there appears to be no way of seeing on screen when making a purchase order that the "Supplier part number" is blank.



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    That's a great idea AndyACK. We would be happy to look into adding the ability to copy an item number to the supplier item number with a tick box. We would need to see the demand for this type of feature. It would be great to see some votes from the community to show their support.