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4 months ago

Supplier Credit showing inventory error

Hi we are attemtping to put through a supplier credit but get the error message 'Processing this purchase would leave the item with no items on hand and a non-zero value in inventory.'


We have looked at the inventory item and the quantity on hand and the value match the credit, we have even processed the value to the four decimal places shown. Can you please assist.

  • Hi Noels1 , there is a long-standing fault with the way that MYOB processes sales returns,  in that it adds 10% to the returned stock value. So to get this right you'll need to reduce the stock item's value to 260.03, with an inventory adjustment,  then you'll  be able to process the supplier debit.

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    Hi, Noels1


    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


    This error means that while your inventory quantity will be zero, the value of the items you're adjusting would not return to zero. To correct the situation, please see the Help Article: Error: Non-zero value.


    Please let us know if you require further assistance.


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      Hi Doreen,


      We have completed the steps as suggested and the report balance matches the amount we are trying to credit. Is there anyway to see if it relates to more than 2 decimal places somewhere in the background?


      We have still been unable to process the suppliers credit note.


      Kind Regards


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    Hi Noels1 , the tax-inclusive GST flag is ticked on the purchase. Take that off and re-do the line value, and it should go through. 

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      Hi Mike,


      Thank you for your response to my query. We have unticked the tax-inclusive GST flag as suggested and unfortunately we still get the same error.


      Kind Regards