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12 years ago

Inventory: More Price Levels

We have been using Premier for many years beccause of the Mutlicurrency and Inventory/Autobuild features which are very important for a manufacturer. We are using Premier v12.

More Price Levels are needed. 6 (A to F) are not enough when you have multiple currencies. There is no support for Price levels in different currencies, so we use separate Price levels for each currency. This is the most important shoretcoming


"More Price Levels"


  • Does anyone else require more than 6 pricing levels?

    How do you link prices for customers that fall outside these categories?

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      YES, urgently need more than 6 or a-f pricing structure as we are a sand cement yard with high customer volume. MYOB should make it A-Z.


      Can this please be arranged by the time the new update is generated.




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    We are a wholesaler and we often get a different buying price from our suppliers for bulk quantity purchases of an inventory item. (Yes, we then also use the selling price levels to sell different quantities at different prices to our customers). What we need is those same price levels on the 'buying' side as the 'selling side', so that the correct price appears on our purchase orders when we order different quantities. At the moment, we have to manually go in and reduce the purchase price when we place a bulk purchase and get a better price as you only have one field for one standard buying price.

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    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how they handle more than 6 currencies?

    It is a huge shortcoming having only 6 price levels.


    Not to mention that you have to manually set the levels (or import from a file).

    You cannot simply apply a multiplying factor to the base level.



  • Hi tlin

    If you did want to have more than the 6 price levels you would be looking at creating multiple items for the same "real" item OR manually changing the price of the item when you enter the invoice.

    Manually changing the price is pretty self explanatory. Creating multiple items would be where you would have two items same ABC and ABC2 but they are the same physical stock. You would need to do some stock adjustments to transfer the stock between the two items to makes sure that you had the correct quantity to sell. Once the second item you would need to have set the additional item pricing. 

  • currently there are only 6 price levels in MYOB, from A to F.  It would b great if there were at least 20 price levels please.


    An option to include lot nr's when adding/adjusting inventing would be great, with MYOB deducting out of inventory the older lot nr first.

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