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8 years ago

Jobs: Job List - Add Description Column


We are a building business and often have several jobs on the go at one time.   I would like to see an extra column added to the job screen where I can place additional information. The current screen is very limited.  We can add a job number and a job name with very few characters.  


We often have several jobs with the same client in the same street.   All of our staff and some suppliers use a job number to identify where they are working and this works well with your system. 


However, many suppliers fail to quote the job name or number and simply provide a delivery address.  


When the job is created there is a box where you can add a "description" and I have been adding the address here, however this does not show on the main screen when looking up jobs.   If there is a way of adding this screen to the main job page I would love to hear how to do it.


Thank you for your time   


"Jobs Extra Column"