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12 years ago

Jobs: Purge (delete) Jobs no longer in Use

We run tens of thousands of jobs in MYOB and refer to the Job Number in our Invoices and Purchases for Cost tracking.

Some Jobs run for less than one day, other jobs run for a number of years.

The Job list became so full that it totally slowed our whole system down a couple of years ago and we had to start a brand new file just to get rid of the long job list. This meant importing and exporting customers, suppliers, employees, accounts etc and this became a significant task.


Can there be a way to purge jobs without having to close them off by looking at how long ago the last transaction was? I would like to see a facility where I can say Purge all jobs that were not used within the last x number of days and I have the flexibility to select what x equals such as 365 days, 900 days or possibly for some companies 60 days. Sure, I understand that if I select the wrong number of days, I may lose a few jobs that I didnt want to loose but if the process asks for say, two confirmations to proceed, then the risk would be all mine.


I really do not want to have to keep creating a brand new file just to get rid of my long job lists every couple of years