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11 years ago

Lock period: Show lock period date on screen

If the file is locked the locked before "date" should be displayed in the status bar.


We lock our file after we have completed the accounts each month.  Sometimes we have to adjust a detail or so after this but, due to human error, the file isn't always re-locked.


It would be great to be able to see that it is locked in the status bar at the bottom.


"if file is locked show the locked before date in status bar"


  • Hi tjejojyj

    Thank you for your additional feedback.

    All the ideas and feedback posted on the AccountRight Idea Exchange are shared with the development team to look at the relevant idea and its possible inclusion in the program. The team do investigate how the idea will benefit clients/advisers using the company file in terms of workflow and need.

    In saying that we are unable to advise on when a particular idea will be placed in development and included in the program. However at this stage we do encourage clients continue to vote and comment for this particular idea.

    Once again thank you for your feedback.

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    Hi totally 100% agree with tjejojyj comments why this not fixed is totally beyond me...add this 27 votes to the 81 on this post dated 2012 CHANGE-PREFERENCES-WITHOUT-SHUTTING-DOWN-ALL-WINDOWS -  ideas it is well over 100 votes.


    I will await the next version release for a fix perhaps version 2015.4 but I won't hold my breathe it will be more like 2020.1 at this rate.   Under consideration is just not good enough anymore... it will sit here for years while we grunt at the PC everything we waste our billable time finding a transaction only to be shut out of it.


    Nobody is voting as they have probably given up trying.

  • Also agree, and reply in the hope one day we will see action.

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    Thank you very much for your comments CloudMindAcc ASWatCR, I have also passed them on to the relevant team.


    The more votes an idea receives will definitely attract more of our developers' attention. The 'Change preference without shutting down all windows' was indeed a very popular idea and has now been implemented in 2015.4. 


    I will encourage users who are interested to see the lock before date showing in the status bar to continue casting your vote here and leave comments if required, it will help our developers to prioritise their work. 

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    Hi MYOB Moderator

  • Hi Everyone

    Just to avoid some confusion, CloudMindAcc's latest comment  is referring to the change in the preferences option i.e. not having to close all windows when changing bring up the Setup>>Preference window - Change preferences without shutting down all windows

    This idea of showing a lock period date on the status bar or similar is something that is Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this idea will be marked as In Development or Implemented, however in saying that we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this idea.