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3 months ago

Make Cost Centre editable after transaction is paid

Hi there - as a new user of Cost Centres late in the financial year, I'm finding it frustrating not being able to change the cost centre once the transaction has been paid. This means if an error has been made you have to remove the payment on it, then change the cost centre. Of course if it was in payroll, you would have to reverse the whole pay and resubmit. Seems like a lot of effort is required to change what is a simple allocation. Any chance this can remain editable even after being processed/paid? 



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    Hi CarolDuncan,


    Thanks for posting. I know how frustrating it can be. Currently, once a transaction has been paid, the cost center associated with it cannot be changed directly in MYOB. This is to maintain the integrity and accuracy of your financial records. However, I understand that errors can occur and adjustments may be needed.


    To correct the cost center allocation for a paid transaction, you would indeed need to remove the payment, adjust the cost center, and then reapply the payment. For payroll transactions, it would require reversing the pay and resubmitting it. I understand that this can be a bit of a process for what seems like a simple allocation change.


    Your feedback is very valuable, and I appreciate that you've posted it to our Product Ideas board for consideration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


    In the meantime, feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.



    Kind regards,

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    I agree, this needs to be changed in MYOB. We should be able to edit the cost centre whether or not the transaction has been paid. I enter cost centres against my sales invoices and sometimes do not find out from the sales staff which cost centre it is to be allocated to until after we have received payment from the customer. I have to allocate the customer payment to reconcile my bank account.

    We can retrospectively amend the job number; it is ridiculous we cannot retrospectively amend the cost centre. Amending the cost centre does NOT affect the integrity and accuracy of the financial records. You have to fix this pronto!!