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10 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): Create sales orders

Hi There


It would be good to have a choose between orders and invoices when processing a sale for a customer.


I would like it when taking orders from customers I can put it straight into my file online then when I get home all I have to do is print  picking slips for the next day.


At the moment I am emailing the office WITH ALL ORDERS and then they are entering it. (So Double handling it)

It would save lots of time if I could be able to enter orders as I go.


Look forward to your response.


John Rankine




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    Hi just wondering if there is any chance of orders getting added to MYOB Invoice app.  I see this as a great tool where when I raise an order on my desktop my staff can add details into of the job.  They do not do the invoicing though so I would like to be able to turn off the invoice option so they can only use order or quote.

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    Thank you for posting this idea. I would love this to be implemented. I am often in client's homes and need to check details of their existing orders.  Currently, I have to wait until I back at the desktop computer.  The only other way around it is to lug the laptop around and log into the desktop version of Account Right.  Not ideal for us.