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10 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): Record Activity Slips (time billing)

We need to see time billing included for use on the On the go app sooner rather than later.

I want to use the app!

Love the idea i just need to be able to use it.


"On The Go App Time Billing"


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    Really disappointing to hear today at partner connect that timebilling is not going to be included in the on the go app  anytime soon. The on the go app is being touted as the greatest new item for an on the go business but without supplying a timebilling option cuts out a whole section of customers to be able to use this option. 

  • Hi MissJade88


    Thank you for your additional feedback in regards to this particular idea.

    As you have mentioned we are still looking into this particular idea and at this stage we don't have immediate plans to add this function to the app. However the idea is still marked as Under Consideration as we do wish to encourage clients to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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      Allow entry of activities for employees in your mobile app.

      Most service businesses send invoices from their office and want to track an employees time onsite for clients.

      If employees could enter activities and assign that to a job or client the labour component is caputred onsite once the employee finishes the work. 

      The job might take a few days or visits and  each visit can be capured easily through a smartphone.


      Not many employees will do invoicing on the road but they will need to track the hours worked..


  • Hi CTaylor

    Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB OnTheGo 

    I've merged your idea with this existing idea already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

  • We only use time billing, so viewing invoices and answering queries when out and about is impossilble for us. Time billing invoices on the app would make any queries much simpler and quicker for our customer service team. 

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    This is a great idea, allowing our contractors to directly record their time would help a lot.

    In the mean time I can see there are some addons through the MYOB that manage Time Tracking. Is anyone willing to highly recommend one?



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    Has there been any progress made re the on the go App for time billing? 


    It would save us a lot of time, currently record hours on our iPhone diary but then have to re enter into MYOB.


    I am sure every MYOB Partner would use it can someone let us know where the development of this app is currently?