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4 years ago

MYOB Team: Full day hours for leave

Please allow users to set the full day hours in MYOB teams for submitting leave requests.  Not all organisations have 38 hour working weeks.


"Full day hours MYOB Teams - leave"


  • I wondered if the Teams app could draw the Total default hours per day from MYOB AccountRight or be able to set it in the app. Ie 76 hours is the only option


    We would love to use the app for leave approval, but it is too hard to process due to:

    1. For a day’s leave, must specify the # of hours eg. Enter times to achieve 7.5 hrs
    2. For more than a day’s leave, must enter every day separately & specify the # of hours eg 2 weeks leave would be 10 entries as above
  • Has there been any answer to this? I'm looking to set up Teams, but we have 7.5hr days so this is an issue.. 

  • I am afraid not. I am now having to look for alternatives as the work around of entering each day with time bands is unworkable! 

    Unfortunately new Leave request program > links to new payroll program > links to new cashbook program > for multiples files in the group (MYOB's loss :-(