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3 years ago

MYOB Team: Head Approving manager (user can everyone approve anyone)

Hi, It would be great to have the ability to add an approving manager that has access to approve all staff, whether they've already been allocated to another approving manager or are an approving manager themselves. Right now, if an employee has been assigned to someone, they can't be assigned to anyone else.  I think a role, such as the "head of HR" for example, should be able to approve whoever they want.  Keep the employee on the list of assignees to choose from, even if they've already been assigned to someone.  Thanks!


"MYOB Team - different levels of Approving Manager"


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    At present a manager can only view timesheets/rosters allocated to them. Is it possible to allow managers to see all timesheets from within the app as we can in browser.

  • I agree, this would be very beneficial. I can foresee there being situations where the approving manager is on leave themselves, and without re-jigging the staff allocations leave requests won't get approved. 

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    Hi All


    Thanks for your post.


    Thank you for sharing your ideas and we appreciate your understanding on this matter. You are welcome to submit and share your insights here.


    Please don't hesitate to post again if you need help in the future.