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9 years ago

Online Emailing: Reply-to Email Address per user

I would like to see emailing directly from MYOB to be specific to a users login.

At the moment you can only have one "from" name and one reply-to email address.

I would like to email from my own name and have my email address as the reply-to; and my boss would like emails he sends to come from his name with his email as the reply-to.


Until this is implemented we can't use this feature, but we would like to for the convenience. Please consider :)


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    In the body of the email sent from myob you could type in "please reply to (type email address)" and hope they read it and don't just hit "reply".

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    Well, I guess one work-around is, BEFORE emailing, got to "Setup", then "Preferences", then "Emailing" before sending an email and change the "reply to email address" to the address you want.


    Just saying.