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8 years ago

Online Payments: ACN not required for registration

When registering for the PayDirect Online system I can get no further in the registration process that the ACN field page. As my business, like many others in Australia is a family trust and has an individual as the trustee not a company, so I do not have or need an ACN. This problem remains unresolved, which I find very frustrating!

I know the development team are already aware of this issue.....................because I have made several calls over the past couple of months requesting it to be fixed and yet no resolution to this seemingly simple issue. I would have expected at the very least by calling and speaking to MYOB staff this could be manually overridden and I could be set up to accept payments online from my clients. But no, this seems to be impossible! Can somebody please adopt a small business mindset to this problem and just get it fixed!


"PayDirect Online credit card payments"

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