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8 years ago

Online Payments: Automatically update online invoice after payment is made

This may be a feature request as I dont think its possble now but when a client pays an online invoice it would be good if the payment and Balance Due are updated on the online invoice. ie the Online Invoice is Dynamic - Currently if you view an Online Invoice after it is paid the invoice still shows as unpaid. 

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"Dynamically Show Paid and Balance Due on Online Invoices"


  • When you send an invoice from your Account Right software to a customer and it has the pay now button, so they can pay with their credit card. You can view invoice and it shows an invoice with a balance due.


    The customer pays with his or her credit card and they get an email back with a payment receipt. When they click the view invoice in the email, it takes to MYOB - Invoice Portal screen. It shows Paid in the top hand corner, but when you scroll down it still shows the invoice with a balance due. Bare in mind,  in the Account Right software it applies the payment to the invoice straight away.


    For some reason it is still picking up the original invoice portal link and showing an outstanding invoice and it can confuse the customer.


    What I would like to see is the when they receive their payment receipt and click view invoice it sends the updated invoice from the Account Right system with a the payment applied and a zero balance.


    I have attached a link to one of the payment receipts scroll down so you can see what I mean.


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