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9 years ago

Packing Slips: Include items that make up auto-build items



I have done my research and found that when you put an Auto Build item into an order, there is no way to print the build items on a pick slip.


An example is I have a Built Item : BOX (2 x Sides & 2 x Ends) when I print my pick slip and give to my storeman, his pick slip says 1 x BOX. When he picks the built item he picks 2 x SIDES & 2 x ENDS.


I do not understand why it is not possible to print this in a pick slip, all the information is there when you run reports but when you are invoicing several times a day, this is very tedious. 


When I have called MYOB and asked about this I was recommended to look at Ostendo, however MYOB does everything we need apart from this one feature and Ostendo is a complete over kill.


I am not sure if this will land on deaf ears, but I have read several requests on this forum requesting this feature and as far as I can see, the information already exists on the system so why not incorperate a pick slip breakdown of built items?


I look forward to a response.

"Auto-build - Material List for Pick Slip"


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    Hi CorkaBigFish


    I'm sure this new idea has been submitted before though I couldn't find it, I have voted.

    I use both AccountRight and AccountEdge Pro.

    In the meantime have you considered taking a screen shot your build and use that as a slip?

    A depiction in AE Pro of that process is displayed below where 4 item#20 packs are picked:-

    Transaction Journal with Build Items.png


    Perhaps you should be looking a a MYOB Add-on like Ostendo...

    Freephone: 1800151251 for information.

  • Hi TonyLane,


    Thank you for coming back to me immediatley on this.


    I am using AccountRight and from what I understand, the build list you refer to is at Invoice stage, however we don't invoice until the order has been completed, so I am needing a pick slip prior to the invoicing process.


    We have had a sit down with Ostendo and they have walked us through their features, most of them we would never use. Then after quoting us it was just too expensive for such a little gain, this itemised pick slip is quite frankly the only thing we need that MYOB currently doesn't do.


    We have also been in touch with Smart Reports, they were able to do what we want on the Original MYOB program (not on cloud software) but for some reason the AutoBuild feature in AccountRight has not been released to outside developers, so they were not able to do what we require. If MYOB are not willing to make the changes then possibly they could be persuaded to realease the AutoBuild function to outside developers?


    This is quite frustrating as I mentioned before and if we found another software package that could offer this we would seriously consider changing over.


    We love MYOB, it has been with us since the beginning and does everything we need but this one small feature and considering you have the ability to create build items it seems so ridiculous that you can not have a built item broken down in a list of materials to build that item when pick slipping.


    I know there are other businesses out there that would use this feature, I have found a request on here from a couple of years ago.



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    Hi CorkaBigFish



    "...what I understand, the build list you refer to is at Invoice stage..."

    No, it would be at the order stage; the time when your pick slip is to be printed; in my case I've received an order for 4 x 3 litre bottles of assorted flavoured water (1 Lemon, 1 Mixed Citris & 1 Strawberry).  So that my storeman knows what is required I click the 'Auto-Build Items' button; I've only one Auto-Build item as illustrated below:-

    Build Items Order.png

    I enter 4 in the 'Qty. to Build' column then click the 'Build Items' button; it is identical in AccountRight.

    The 'Build Items' screen is then immediately displayed as indicated below:

    Build Items Screen.png

    Before I confirm it by clicking the 'Record' button, I print a screen shot of it and give it to my storeman; it now becomes their pick slip.


    The items with the negative quantities is what the storeman needs to pick to make the positive 4 quantity appearing on the first line of the 'Build Items' screen - 4 packs each 3 litre bottles of assorted flavoured water (1 Lemon, 1 Mixed Citris & 1 Strawberry).


    Again, apart from the missing 'Location' column AccountRight is no different to this AccountEdge example (only the screens look different, the substance is identical).



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    Hi All

    I am having the same issues, except in our situation, we have multiple auto-build items per order. Whilst the above solution certain will gather the infomation required, I would then have to manually colate that data, sum the qty of indervidual components, subtract the stock on hand then manually produce a purchase order.

    As CorkaBigFish has already pointed out, all of this data already exists with in MYOB and the process is part of a natural progretion. It is not like we are requesting an entirely new concept be added!

    I have been using MYOB for over 10 years, and have been a subscriber to AccountRight Standard for the last two. During that period the monthly subscriptions have almost doubled from $30/mth to $55/mth. We have seen very little in the way of development and feature improvement in that period. If these type of issues were being addressed on a regular basis, I wouldn't feel so ripped off by the money grab!

    With regards to others having similar issues, if you spend long enough searching back through years of old posts you will find multiple posts on similar issues such as this. However, MYOB has a habit of marking threads closed or solved when the post relates to an older version of the software. It does not matter if the issue has been addressed or not.

    I am awaiting a phone call back from a "product specialist" who specialies in the inventory area of the software by PM 23/5/16. I will advise of results.

    Best wishes in your MYOB battles



  • Please would you consider making an option for listing sub-components of an item (i.e. the auto build items) on the invoice and packing list?  I account for many companies and whether it be a Manufacturer, Distributor or a Service Provider there would be benefit to all.


    For example:

    Manufacturer - assembles a whole product for sale, but needs to advice the warehouse of what that assembly is made up of.


    Distributor - sells items individually but also packages them up at a discounted price.  The warehouse and customer still needs to know what's included in the package item.  The item code needs to be different for the backend of their website.


    Service Provider - packages a number of individual services for a discounted price - similar to above.


    Please, please consider this MYOB and please vote for it if it would help you!

  • I couldn't agree more. I too have put in a similar request.  After searching the database I can see a lot of requests.  Not always using the same wording, but ultimately after the same result.  It's like MYOB began to build the functionality but stopped short at acutally making it functional.


    Please MYOB, this is basic 101 in most businesses - please provide packing slips and invoices with details of the auto build item!!!

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    HI....we use Build Items for our Business (Boat Building) - we would like to be able to print off a report showing all the components that have been used during the manufacture of each boat.  We can view these within the Item Register, but printing a report from there is not an option (only Journal & Register)