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6 years ago

Pay Bills: Show Job Number

We have multiple invoices from suppliers for different jobs and when I have to reconcile my accounts sometimes the payment reference on the bank statement is the job number (as the invoice(bill) is yet to be produced ie a proforma or not available).  So what I am faced with this morning is a list of 20 unpaid bills, an amount to put towards one of those bills and i'm going to have to open each bill until i find the job number that the payment is for.

This happens frequently and i would be so grateful if this could be added as an option as it would save me so much time.


"Job number being visible or an option to be visible when in the 'pay bills' screen would be so much more efficient for my company."


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  • I agree, being able to see the job number in teh Pay Bills screen would be very beneficial to me also.

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    Thank you for your post and for bumping this idea about the "Pay Bills: Show Job Number" feature. Welcome to the Community forum!


    Your suggestion about having the job number visible or as an option on the “Pay Bills” screen is indeed insightful. Our developers regularly review the ideas board, and I can assure you that they have seen your suggestion. The inclusion of new features in future updates is often influenced by the demand from our users. If there are a significant number of users who express a need for this option and vote for this idea, it's likely that our developers will take it into consideration for future updates.


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