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12 years ago

Payroll: Editing Base Hourly category

In all previous versions of Accountright Plus I have been able to create and edit Base hourly payroll categories.  In AR2012 I can no longer do this.  Most of my employees have more than one job all with different pay rates.  In previous versions I would set them up with multiple payroll categories ie Base Hourly - Computing, Base Hourly - Art, etc and attach the fixed hourly rate to the category.  Then if there was a pay rate increase, I would simply go into the payroll category and change the rate.  This has worked beautifully for me for the past 10 years.  Now I find I can no longer edit the payroll categories and the only work around I have found is to create a new one.  I can also not delete the old payroll category as it is attached to previous year's payroll information.  This means that I now have a huge list of payroll categories, which unless this issue is changed will continue to grow each year.  I do not understand why this has become such a big issue, surely if I have been able to do this for the past 10 years I should be able to continue to do it in the latest version.  For me, MYOB is becoming less and less workable and I am seriously considering recommending all the places I work at (currently 8) change from MYOB to a more workable accounting package.  As an ardent MYOB fan in the past, I can't quite believe I am now thinking this way.


"Editing Payroll Categories"


  • Status removed:
    Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry you're not enjoying your AR2011 experience. Can you help me understand the steps you're doing. see comments below
  • Hi Jenat,

    There are now 'system categories' that cannot be edited - these are Base Hourly, and Base Salary. The other categories should be able to be edited with one exception: When there is a 'saved' payrun.


    Here's how save payruns affect your ability to edit payroll categories


    This is new functionality above ARv19. If you click on process payroll it starts a new payrun. If you close the process payroll screen at any point it asks - "do you want to save this pay run to process later".


    If you answer Yes, then there is an active payrun that may be using the categories you want to change. You should go back into the payrun and not save it to free the categories so they are not used by an existing open payrun.


    Once they are not used by an open payrun they should be able to be edited.


    Is that what you want?


    Having said that, this may not solve your problem, and may not be what you want.


    Could you please confirm that the procuedure above frees up the categories? If not, can you take me through the steps you're doing and we'll understand what's going wrong.


    If you are asking for something else I have not understood, please keep up the conversation!






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    Hi Mark,


    I do not have any saved pay runs.  I have just tried to edit a payroll category and I am only able to edit the name.  All other fields are blanked out and I can not go into them.  I did not have this experience with earlier versions of MYOB.  If I go into v19.6 I can edit any of the fields in the payroll category.  This is what I need to do.  I am not trying to edit the "Base Hourly" category, I am only trying to edit the "Base Hourly - Computer", etc categories that I have set up in addition to the original "Base Hourly" category as most of my employees have more than one "Base Hourly" category. 



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    Hello  Jen 


    I  wonder if it is user  permissions?


    log on as administrator  and  see if it is still a problem .




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    Hi Mark,


    I am logged in as Administrator.  I also work at several offices and have the same issue with each AR2012 that I am using. 


    I am wondering if the issue has occurred because in v19.6 all payroll categories including base hourly could be edited.  Where as in AR2012 base hourly categories cannot be edited.  I can edit non base hourly categories such as holiday pay in AR2012, but I cannot edit any payroll category that was created in v19.6 as Base hourly - Computing, etc. 



  • We have confirmed this is a bug in 'migrating' your file from v19 to AR 2011. We have confirmed this has been fixed in 2012.6 and tested this by creating a v19 file, changing the base hourly category and everything was migrated correctly. 


    If you have this issue, please send your file in for us to fix. It is a quick turnaround for this issue.

  • Hi I have just come back to MYOB, we have a public holiday coming up and I cant even find payroll categories in MYOB essentials. 

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    Hi VAO 


    Since MYOB Essentials is a different product to MYOB AccountRight, payroll is done a bit differently.

    The 'payroll categories' in Essentials are found on the Employee card.

    This page can help with understanding Payroll in Essentials.