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12 years ago

Payroll: Process pays for only timesheet employees



I used Account Right Live for the first time today to process payroll and found it painfully slow. After i entered the timesheets and went into process payroll every employee we have (which is over 300)  appeared on the list and i had to deselect the ones i didn't need (i only needed 21 employees today) this became a long drawn out process. The last version of MYOB i used only showed the employees with timesheets when i went to process payroll this was much easier. Can you bring that system back because even if i deselect everyone then reselect the employees i want it still takes forever. 


Time is so precious it would be wonderful to receive an update that fixes this problem.


Thanks for listening. :)


"Payroll - Bring back the feature on payroll that only processes payroll for those with time sheets."