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5 years ago

Payroll Reporting (STP): EOFY Finalisation - Bulk download of Summary of Payments (per employee)

Have just completed STP finalisation in AR 2019 - two areas for improvement:

  1. In the Payroll Reporting Centre, can the employees be listed by Surname, First name.  This would put them in the same order as all other payroll reports that have been downloaded for reconciliation purposes.
  2. Can we have some way of downloading the individual employee reports in one batch [similar to the old Payment Summaries] rather than having to download for each individual employee.  Whilst this might become obsolete in the future, whilst STP is fairly new most companies will want to keep a PDF of each employee's report for supporting documentation.

"STP Finalisation improvements"


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    Agree to all above.

    Summary of Payments also has first name, surname.  Either remove comma or change to Surname, First Name

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    The first of these suggestions has been implemented. Finally.


    THE SECOND IS DESPERATELY NEEDED. I'm now downloading approx 100 individually trying to find some missing information. I can't select "open in a new tab". I have to go back to the list tab after each one opens. AND THE LIST SCROLLS BACK TO THE TOP AFTER OPENING EACH ONE!!!!!!! At least when I get halfway I can reverse the sort order. This window needs some SERIOUS WORK. What a nightmare. So NOT user-friendly. I know I don't need to keep a copy of them but I do need to look at them to find the discrepancies. Such a waste of time when there are so many other ways this could have been better-implemented.