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9 years ago

Payroll: Termination date entry removal of all entitlement data



I have a terminated empoyee and am trying to run an Entitlement Balance [Detail] report for them. I have received a letter asking for the proof of accruals and amounts taken by the empoyee.


After a 40min phone call with support I was told this is not possible and need to get the data from a backup.


That is fine, I can get the report, but I wanted the one with the zero balace, showing the entitlements have been paid out. As I paid it out and then terminated the employee on the same day this is not possible.


I am asking either the warning message for teminating empoyees be changed to say it is deleting all the data, rather than just zeroing the balance or as required I should be able to access this data.



Scott Brooks


"Entitlements for Terminated Employees"


  • I am not sure why this informaiton needs to be deleted in th first place - I have voted.

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    Hi  ScottBrooks


    I have voted as well.  However to help you.. 


    Do you provide your employees with weekly payslips.  As a workaround the entilements would be on the payslips each week?


    Also this report below will give you the information you require. Just put the start date back to the date the employee started employment with you.  Hope this helps. 


    Activity Detail Report.jpg