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5 years ago

Payroll: Warning when deduction value is entered as a positive

Could AccountRight show a warning notice, when a deduction is keyed without a minus sign in either:

- a pay-run or

- in the Standard Pay window.


Reason: Most accounting payroll programs use positive values for entering fields.

In these programs, deductions by default read as positive values

and only deduction reversals are read as negatives


Yet in AccountRight, a deduction must be entered as a negative

- even in the payrun.


So bookkeepers can mistakenly enter a deduction

- for example a deduction of "$500" will result in an extra pay of $500, unless it's keyed as "-$500".


I've recently been caught twice.


In previous versions of AccountRight v.19 - well before STP - it was possible to undo a finalised payrun and correct the entry. Handy where the ABA file had not yet been sent to the bank.

Alas, this is no longer possible in AR2019.


Kym Yeoward, CPA & CC



"Show a warning when a deduction is keyed without a minus sign"

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