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11 years ago

Personalise Letters/Mail Merge: Ability to select invoice fields (i.e. Date, Number...)

I've recently had the need to create new mail merge letters, something which I haven't done in a while, and was quite surprised to find that this section doesn't seem to have progressed at all over the past versions.  Specifically, when I'm wanting to create letters I'm finding the mail merge fields are just not user friendly.  Pretty much apart from the name, address and total amounts there isn't any other information available as it is only taken from the Card File.  I would love to see mail merge fields that could be customer specific from information provided on invoices.  We can customise Invoice/Statement templates etc with this information so I'm not sure why we can't customise letters.  There should be fields for things such as "Invoice Number", "Invoice Amount", "Invoice Date" and any other fields that relate specifically to invoicing.  If I wish to send a customer a letter about their overdue account I often need to include only 1 amount from their total, not all of their invoice totals combined.  I also don't wish to have to look up and type in each and every invoice number and date as a reference in their letters.  Fields such as these should be readily available.  The issue of "Last Name" then "First Name" has been raised previously and I totally agree.  I don't want to be sending letters to Blow, Joe as it just looks unprofessional.  Also the need to email these letters directly would be much easier.  At the moment having these designed as snail mail letters is just not techologically advanced enough for this day and age.  Please please please review these suggestions for future releases as it would make life much easier!  Thank you.


"Mail Merge Issues and Suggestions"


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    It would really be more practical these days if the "personalised letters" were able to be emailed. Who can afford to post letters these days?

  •  Definately agree - Im trying to create a simple form/letter that I use frequently which would allow me to not only save time with re-typing but also the possiblity of making spelling mistakes but the fields are not available.  If we have gone to the trouble of creating items, journal memo's, custom lists etc why cant we have these options available for other uses like letters etc. I cant believe after all these years we are still basic?


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    I aggree with much you have listed, especially in regard to using email instead of snail mail. This is one area, along with Custom Lists & Fields, which has the potential to set MYOB far above the rest of the pack.

    In regard to the "Last Name" then "First Name" issue this can be fixed by entering the first name in the Saluation field.