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9 years ago

Print/Email Invoices: Ability to set To be Emailed tab to appear first

I email out a bunch of invoices daily from the Sales/Print Email Invoices tab from the Command Centre.

I was wondering if there was a default I could change to have the screen open to 'Email' instead of 'Invoice'?

When I click from 'To Be Printed' to 'To Be Emailed' it comes up with a 'Question' You will lose any changes to the Emails not in the filtered list.  Do you want to continue? I know it's not much but we email out alot and the additional clicks add up. 


"Set up the ability to DEFAULT to email (instead of the current PRINT default)"


  • Status changed:

    HI BYBookkeeping


    Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and selecting the To be Emailed tab.

    I would encourage other users that would like to see the option for the To be Emailed tab as default to vote and comment for this idea.

  • Now that Aust Post has dramatically increased postage charges I think this would be a great feature!

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    change the code for the order of 'Tab'  to display from  "default print"   to "rememember last tab open"

  • I only email invoices and statements would like to see this as an optional default for both