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2 months ago

Print Email Invoices - printed invoice different to emailed invoice



I have just discovered an anomaly with printing and emailing invoices from AccountRight Plus 2014.3. Each customer card is set up with a particular invoice form depending on the country and currency of the customer. Australian customers get their invoice on the Australian form, US customers get their invoice on a US form etc.


When printing the form, the default invoice type, as selected on the customer card comes up. However, when using Print/Email Invoices - To Be Emailed, all invoices, not matter what their default is, get emailed on whatever form is currently selected in Advanced Filters.


This means that if the AUS invoice happens to be selected, all invoices, including US, NZ etc get emailed with that form. That is no good. It's obviously been going on for a long time and I had never noticed until a customer  pointed it out yesterday.


This must stop! I don't want a work-around. I want it fixed. A default form is selected for a reason. If a US customer receives an AUD invoice and pays us in AUD instead of USD, we lose money. That is no good.


From reading previous posts on this subject, it seems that MYOB was advised of this problem 4 years ago.



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