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7 years ago

Print/Email Invoices: Retain user-sorting of window (when closing)

It would be really good if there was a way to set the default in the Review Sales Before Delivery window to invoice number - so that when they are printed they print in numerical order.

At present everytime I go into that window this has to be changed, and if I forget then it becomes a nightmare to reconcile to the statement when folding invoices for posting.


"Review Sales Before Delivery Default"



  • Hi Simmos


    By default, the Print/Email Invoices window will sort invoices by date and then invoice number. If you are finding that the window is not doing that by default you supply a screenshot of that particular window when you first open the window so we can investigate further.

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      So I attached the screenshot and as you can see the invoice numbers are not in numerical order which is what I want/need.


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        Hi Simmos


        Sorry for the delay in answering your post.



        Thank you for clarifying there. I have moved your post to our AccountRight Idea Exchange for others to Vote on this.