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9 years ago

Print/Email Pay slips: Allow generation of negative-value payslips

I wouldn't have thought this was an idea, moreso rather obvious, but they asked me to post it here...

If I have to process a deduction (only) for an employee, the system doesn't create a payslip because the result of the payslip is a negative value. The employee still deserves to be sent a copy so they have a record of the transaction, just like any other transactions that involve them.

I know I can go into the reports and export a Payroll Advice for each employee that this happens to, however if I am doing a bunch of them it would be much more efficient if I could just send them a payslip like normal. After all, the point of programs like MYOB is to help to streamline the process and make it more efficient, right? :smileywink:




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    Hi Everyone


    PDFs of negative payslips can be obtained through the AccountRight Browser interface for an employee's pay via Payroll>>Pay runs>>Select the appropriate pay run>>Selecting the Print pay slips and select View PDF.

    If you are using the AccountRight Desktop, you would need to negative to the respective transaction from within the Transaction Journal, Find Transactions or report and select the Print Pay Slip option. This can be sent to a PDF printer to generate a PDF.

    Both interfaces will generate a copy of the pay slip for the employee which can be sent to the employee externally to the software.