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8 years ago

Purchases: Item - select account for item

We have recently started using the inventory section. As for entering purchases we used the services layout which you then could allocated purchases to seperate accounts. Now when using the inventory we have to use the item layout when entering which doesn't have the field for allocating it to different accounts. I understand each recorded item in myob is allocated to a specific account however when entering purchases some inclued stock items as well as none stock items. To save time creating items for all those specific accounts and/or entering those purchases twice it would be great to just add in the accounts section in the item layout. 


"entering purchases with stock item and none stock items"


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    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had no support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages

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    Would be good to have a column on the Item Purchase layout that showed the account code the item is being coded to (which comes from item set up), and then be able to override the account code on that entry only.


    Fixing up account codes on item purchases is long winded and annoying and could easily be fixed with an override option on the purchase entry screen.