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11 years ago

Purchases: Pay Bills - Outstanding debit notes to appear on screen (not open Register)

When going into Pay Bills MYOB flags if the supplier has a debit memo and provides options to open the paybles register to allocate that Debit note first. If the supplier has no open invoices MYOB will just tale you through to the pay bills screen with or without the closed bills displayed. However if the supplier has only one invoice on the system and that invoice was overpaid then MYOB shows a message that "there are no purchases for that supplier on file" and takes you through to an empty pay bills screen. While this happens rarely in does prove to be confusing.

Firstly, can MYOB display the Debit memo on the pay bills screen and similarly the Credit Memos on the receive payments screen?

Secondly, can we not allocate the Debit memos against a payment transaction we are making while in the pay bills (receive payments) screen rather than having to move across to the register as a separate transaction?




"Pay Bills and Receive payments"


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    When paying suppliers each month I have a large number of returns. The current way of applying the returns to open purchases is quite time consuming. Automatically applying the returns applies all the returns not just the current ones.


    When I pay a supplier I would like to be able to select the return in the same way as I select the supplier's invoices.

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      Hello cj5. Can you please provide more detail on the process you would like to see followed? Do you mean that you would like debit notes to appear on the pay bills Window, and be able to apply them to other bills from that window.
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      Yes. I would like for the debit notes to appear in the pay bill window. You would not be applying them against an open bill. You would be selecting them as part of the payment in the same way you would select a bill.

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      Thank you for the clarification, cj5.


      Based on your update I understand what you would like is to have both the Open Bills as well as Debit Notes listed in the Pay Bills window, so that you are able to pick a Debit note and apply it to one of the listed Open Bills. 


      It would be great to know how many others would like this change brought about. So we encourage others to vote and add comments to this Idea. 


      In the meantime ( you may already be doing this), you can go to the Purchase Register >> Returns and Debits to select the relevant Debit Notes and use the Apply to Bill button to get a list of all Open Bills for the Supplier. This would be a faster process to going to Pay Bills >> Bringing up the Supplier >> and then Selecting the Open Register button from the Debit memos pop up window. 


      I hope this helps. 



      MYOB Support



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    Hello, We need to be able to select credit amounts under the pay bills area when making a payment it's not just invoices we pay.  I frequently pay suppliers on account monthly and would like to be able to just process the payment off the statement and not manually fiddle around with the credits.


    With tradies returning materials often I have 30 credits that I have to manually apply to a purchase invoice before I can process the payment.  It gives the option to Click Apply Debits to settle the debit memos automatically against the open bills but that picks up every credits on the account including ones that will not be taken up until future months payments and they get applied against the oldest bill first leaving the accounts in a mess so we are left to manually go through applying debits.  It's such a painful process and would be so much easier if all the invoices and credits showed up in the pay bills screen and allow us to click on whatever invoices AND credits we are taking up in that particular payment. 


    PLEASE !

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    Yes I would very much like it if MYOB could take this suggestion on board, it has been suggested many times over the years and would make things much easier for those of us paying suppliers monthly off statements many pages long that consists of many different invoices and credits.  I need to take up a suppliers credit when making the payment without allocating it to a specific and unrelated purchase invoice!  

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    I vote on being able to apply debit amounts while in the paying bills window.  The current way ruins accountedge for me.