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9 years ago

Purchases: Payroll Tax tickbox for contractor purchases



Could the developers consider a check box (as for reportable taxable payments) for State Payroll Tax on contractor/supplier invoices? In Qld, each invoice can be evaluated for the taxable component ie services are taxable where supply of materials is not. In addition, the check box would need to be an import/export field for those of us the import our supplier invoices into MYOB.


I have the same probelm for Reportable taxable payments not being an import/export field. MYOB doesnt see the check box on the supplier card when I import my supplier invoices, so they have to be manually corrected. 


For us, both tasks involve hundreds of supplier invoices per week.


Looking forward to these improvements.


 "Payroll tax on Contractor invoices & Reportable Taxable Payments - check box and import/export fields"

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